Access Code

An access code is the result of a group purchase. The purchaser will pay for a specified number of people and receive an access code with instructions to distribute to those intended participants. The participants will redeem the access code from the Redeem Access Code button on the course page (while not logged in).

Discount Code

A discount code provides a discounted cost for a course on the single or group purchase pages. You may receive a discount code to re-certify as a facilitator. The American Lung Association distributes discount codes, if available. This helpdesk does not distribute discount codes.

Enrollment Key

An enrollment key allows access to an invite-only course and is distributed by the American Lung Association. The participant signs into the site, clicks the invite-only course title, and enters the enrollment key into the field, as shown below. The three courses that require an enrollment key are Asthma for the Healthcare Professional, Better Breathers Club Facilitator Training, and Lung Cancer Support Group Facilitator Training. This helpdesk does not distribute enrollment keys.